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Creating Isometric Washer Symbols - page 1 - 3rd in the series
Step 01
We will create the following washers this month:
  • Flat thick, regular and thin.
  • Fender thick, regular and thin.
  • Split Lock Washer split centered.
  • Split Lock Washer split off center.
  • Spring Lock Washer top view
    Spring Lock Washer bottom view
  • Internal Tooth Lock Washer.
  • External Tooth Lock Washer.

To begin open the Iso Hardware VL file you created in the last tutorial and duplicate the ellipse moving it off to the side.

Step 02

  • Dupe this ellipse again and move it up 3.50 inches using the Property Bar.
  • Break the outside nodes of the bottom ellipse with the Node Edit Tool, break apart (Ctrl+K) and delete the upper portion.
  • Extend the lines as shown making sure the object is closed and that the vertical segments are snapped to the upper outside nodes.
  • Trim the overlap using the Shaping Docker. This is a lot deeper than any washer but by initially creating it with this depth will allow easy modification later. Set a copy of this primitive aside for future use as a master cylinder.

Step 03
The Flat Washer

  • A flat washer has a hole that is usually about 45 percent of the outside diameter. Duplicate the top ellipse and use the Property Bar to reduce it. Duplicate the result and put it aside.
  • Create three rectangles with the following heights: 0.30, 0.50, 0.70 inches high.
  • Duplicate the three objects three times off to the side snap the rectangles into place and drag the bottom nodes us to the height of the little rectangles.


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