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Creating Isometric Washer Symbols - page 4

Step 10
The Spring Lock Washer

  • Dupe the medium Flat Washer from Step 04. Use the Node Edit Tool to move the central nodes up as shown to create the top view.
  • Dupe again and use the Node Edit Tool to move the central nodes down as shown to create the other view.
Step 11
Internal Tooth Lock Washer

Get a duplicate copy of the 8.00 inch circle, dupe it again and reduce it to 6.00 inches (lock on). Combine both circles (Ctrl+L). Create a rectangle 0.75 inch wide by 7.00 inches high and center everything.

Step 12

  • Use the Transform Docker to apply a rotation of 30 degrees to a duplicate 5 times.
  • Weld the result together. Combine the circles (Ctrl+L).
  • Trim from the combined circles and delete the trimming shape.
  • Apply a vertical stretch on 57.3 percent to the trimmed circles


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