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Drawing Gears - page 2
To construct a tooth: Draw a rectangle that measures 0.25 wide by 1.00 high. Use the Node Edit tool (F10) to round the corners as shown. Convert to curves (Ctrl+Q) then marquee select all of the nodes with the Node Edit tool (F10) and convert to straight lines using the Node Edit Roll-Up (Ctrl+F10). Perform a vertical scale of 250% using the Transform Roll-Up.
Reduce the modified rectangle to about 30% (Horizontal & Vertical Scale). Align (Crtl+A) the modified rectangle and circles. Select the top 4 nodes of the modified rectangle with the node edit (F10) and drag them - constrain (Ctrl) - to the position shown in the detail. Repeat for the bottom nodes.
To calculate the rotation factor for a 48 tooth gear divide 360 degrees by the number of teeth 360/48 = 7.5 degrees. If you need to produce a gear with a different tooth count simply substitute the correct count in the formula. Set that rotation [7.5 degrees] in the Transform Roll-Up and Apply to Duplicate once. [This is the trial and error part.] Zoom in (F2) on the result and make sure that the space between the teeth would accommodate the mating tooth [Shown in gray]. If it does not - go back one step and work with the aspect ratio of the rectangle until you achieve the desired results.


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