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Who may use this website:
This website is intended for use online by individuals only. Offline use is expressly prohibited. Use rights do not extend to groups, companies or educational institutions. Groups, companies or educational institutions must request permission, in writing, before using the site. In cases where the use is for profit or tuition has been paid, free use will not be granted. Those organizations will be directed to our professional level site.

About Copyrights:
While I am not Michelangelo, his paintings are his. People who copied his work made copies. The same applies here. The original works represented here are owned and copyrighted by myself. You do have the rights to include your efforts in your book (portfolio).

About the free software and the codes given for procedures:
The author retains the full license rights. All software, codes, and procedures are the property of the author and are only provided for the limited use in accomplishing the lessons or evaluating the software.

Complete logs are kept and analysis of the website traffic is performed regularly.

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