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Isometric drawing is perhaps the easiest way of producing 3D like illustrations. The purpose of this site is to provide instruction on isometric drawing techniques in CorelDRAW. Included will be sample engineering drawings to aid our guests in learning to produce illustrations directly "on system".

Common Terms:
Front - applies to the left face of any object. If an object like a cylinder has only one face it will be called the front.
Side - the right face of an object.
Top - means top without a long side.
Top Front - a top view with the long side on the front face.
Top Side - a top view with the long side on the front face.

At the conclusion of each lesson I will include a quick rendering of the object just completed if applicable. These renderings are not suitable for high-end product illustration so if you need to produce a high end rendering please spend a bit more time on it.

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