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Construction Toys 
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To commemorate the holidays and hopefully have some fun we’ll build a toy this month. Actually you’ll build one after I give you the primitives and a few completed parts. To proceed with this exercise DOWNLOAD LESSON 9 NOW.

Just to make things interesting, when you finish your design send a printed copy and the file on disk to me at: Invotech, PO Box 952, Miller Place, NY 11764. Please make sure to have a postmark no later than December 31. I’ll have a kid in my neighborhood pick their favorite toy and if it’s yours I’ll send you a copy of Isometric Tools for free. This lesson is actually more about creating an assembly view from component parts and may have some interesting tricks for you. Good Luck and Happy Holidays.

Go to the directory where you downloaded lesson9.exe and expand the file by double clicking on it. Open Lesson9.cdr and select this symbol from those on the page.
Use the Transform Roll-Up to create a top front isometric by applying the following Vertical Scale 86.6%, Horizontal Skew -30 degrees, Rotate -30 degrees.


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