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Creating Extrusions - page 1

Extrusions are a very popular structural component. They are manufactured by drawing them out from a single block of metal and are generally typified by their sharp corners. This month I will demonstrate the process by which easily constructed flat (orthographic) views can be created and then converted to an isometric view. Covered here are examples of an angle bracket, a box beam, a hat rail, and corner extrusion with gasket tabs. I will also demonstrate how to convert one angle bracket into the forty-eight possible isometric combinations with a few mouse clicks.

Engineering drawing of an angle bracket.
Create a perfect 2 inch square by using the Rectangle Tool and the constrain key (F6+Ctrl) while dragging and watching the status line. Modify your Preferences (Ctrl+J) - Place Duplicates to: Horizontal 0.2, Vertical 0.2. Select the square with the Pick Tool and duplicate (Ctrl+D) it. Use the Shape Roll-Up to trim the second square from the first. Then delete the trimming shape and fill with white.


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