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Using Paper Engineering Drawings to Create an Isometric Drawing - page 7
Change the symbol size to 1.2 and drag symbol 45 onto a clear area. Break apart (Ctrl+K) the symbol and fill with white. Again, notice that some of the lines have vanished because the front to back order is wrong. When the order is correct group (Ctrl+G) the symbol and position it as shown.
Get a free copy of Isometric Tools by sending me the worst computer generated isometric exploded view you can find. Paper is OK but an electronic file and paper is even better. Send your copy by snail mail to Invotech, PO Box 952, Miller Place, NY 11764 by October 31, 1997. I will pick the example that I find to be the worst and will post the drawing on our site.
Obviously creating an isometric drawing without resorting to a pencil layout isnít very hard. Now you can join the club of folks who go nuts when you see people running to their drawing boards when the prints walk in the door.

Next month the exercise will deal with creating orthographic representations of extrusions. These shapes will then be converted to isometric projections.

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