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Using Paper Engineering Drawings to Create an Isometric Drawing - page 3
Align the three faces so that they lineup at the front - top - right corner and save the drawing. At this point it should be obvious that you can complete the drawing without a pencil layout. To speed things up Iíll have you use the symbol library supplied with this lesson to complete the project.
Switch to layer 1 and turn off "edit across layers" (multi layer in older versions of CorelDRAW). Get the Symbol Roll-up (Star icon) and switch to the Lesson7 font. Set the size to 6.45 inch and drag symbol # 34 onto the screen. Lineup at the back plane.
Change the symbol size to 1.5 inches and drag and position in turn symbols 35 and 36. You should use the "Top" and "Side" layers as guides for the proper positioning.


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