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Using Paper Engineering Drawings to Create an Isometric Drawing
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Nothing makes me crazier than hearing stories about all the folks out there who are doing pencil layouts of an isometric before "digitizing" them on a computer. Nowhere is this practice more prevalent than when the input is paper engineering drawings. I don’t care what software you use it is never necessary and always a waste of time and money to resort to a pencil drawing if you have the engineering drawings. As a matter of fact the only time I resort to my drawing board is when only the product is available

The following exercise will give you the process necessary to convert paper engineering drawings into guides that will allow you to create an isometric drawing directly in CorelDRAW without any pencil layouts. Included with this lesson is a free symbol library. Before you can proceed you must download the files and install the lesson7 symbol font.
Download now!
Execute the lesson7.exe file to expand the files and then follow the directions for your operating system to install the lesson7.ttf symbol font.
The next three steps are greatly condensed versions of an article you will find in the October issue of the Society for Technical Communications Journal. You can contact the STC to request a copy of that issue at (703) 522-4114. A text version of the instructions can be found in the Tips and Tricks section of this site. Please refer to them for more complete instructions.


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