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Organizing and Exporting Isometric Symbol Fonts - page 6
Step 16
You will need to repeat the export process for each of the fonts you created.
Open Iso Hdw VL Machine.cdr and follow the steps up to and including Step 21.
Repeat the process for the sheet metal and wood screw fonts.
Go back to the Symbol #033 page and select the ellipse. Choose File – Export – TTF True Type Font – Check Selected Only.
Choose the folder where you want the font and name it iso hdw VL (fill in the blank).ttf.
Do not put it in the Windows Fonts folder. Since Windows won’t install a font over it ‘self you will be deleting that file a number of times. Remember where you put it. You will need it again to install the final font.
Click Export.

Step 17

On the next window give the family the name of “Iso Hdw VL (fill in the blank)”
Check the Symbol font box.
The Grid size and Space width should read about 720.
Choose OK.

Step 18

Save Changes to Font File? Yes.


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