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Organizing and Exporting Isometric Symbol Fonts - page 4

Step 10

Follow the same procedure for the remaining screws in this order:
  • Round Head
  • Cap Head
  • Pan Head
  • Flat Head

Continue until you reach symbol 125 on page 93.

Step 11
Go back to the Iso Hardware VL.cdr file. Copy the washers to Iso Hdw VL SM.cdr. Resize the washers if necessary to 8.00 inches and center the symbol on the page. Start on symbol 126 on page 49 and end on symbol 140 on page 105. Jump to the end and export the copyright notice as symbol 255.

Step 12
Close everything. Open Iso Hardware VL.cdr and Type Template.cdr again. Save your “Type Template.cdr” as Iso Hdw VL Wood.cdr. Marquee select all of the wood screws and copy them to the new file.


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