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Organizing and Exporting Isometric Symbol Fonts - page 1
6th and last in the series

Step 01

In the Tutorial entitled “Symbol Fonts – Start Here” you created a file named “Type Template.cdr”. Find that file and open it. If the file is missing go back and recreate it now.

Step 02
The first symbol (#033) you will create is an isometric ellipse.
Create a circle that snaps to the guidelines (8.00 x 8.00). This object has 1 node – unacceptable.
Convert to curves (Ctrl+Q). This object has 4 nodes – better but still unacceptable.
Select with the Node Edit tool (F10) and marquee select all of the nodes and hit the plus sign. You new have eight nodes that will end up on the: major, minor and isometric axis’s.
Apply a 57.3 percent vertical scale. Center on the page and this one is good to go.

Step 03
Choose - Layout – Go To Page and enter page 214. Create the following text block.
© 2001, John Morris
More Fonts Call
631 744-8693
Convert to curves and center on the page. Save the template.
Note: The reason you are inserting this notice is that I own the copyrights to all of the art produced on this site . You are licensed to use but not to reproduce, sell or share it with anyone.


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