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Isometric Symbol Fonts - Assembling the parts  - page 1
5th in the series
Step 01
This tutorial will cover the assembly of all of the components you have created during the past five months.
Open the Iso Hardware VL drawing that you worked on last month. Locate, duplicate and resize the machine screw threads to a 4.375-inch width using the property bar with the lock on. Duplicate the reduced thread sets and move off to the side.

Step 02
Duplicate the hex bolt head and align it to the top or bottom of the threads as shown. Center each head on the threads.

Note: Only one set is shown for clarity. You must go through the dupe, position and center routine for all 16 thread sets.

Step 03
Once everything is positioned marquee select sets of components and combine (Ctrl+L) them and then break apart (Ctrl+K) the result. Repeat the process until everything is broken apart. Use the Shaping Docker to Trim the unneeded segments as shown. Be sure to delete any overlapping unneeded segments. Re-combine (Ctrl+L) each thread and head set individually.
Note: Only one set is shown for clarity. You must go through the entire process for all 16-thread sets.


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