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Creating Isometric Nut Symbols - page 6

Step 16

  1. Use the Transform Docker to apply the following to create isometric front views of the wings. Horizontal stretch 86.6 percent, Vertical stretch 30.00 degrees.
  2. Apply a rotation of 120.00 degrees to both wings
  3. Dupe the wings and move them up vertically 1.00 inches using the Property Bar.
  4. Use the node edit tool to break the nodes at the points shown. Break apart and delete the upper lines. Use the straight line pencil tool to close the objects.
  5. Use the trim command to achieve the illustrated effect.
  6. Rotate back 120.00 degrees (The completed version is shown with a white fill for reference only.

Step 17

Assemble the wings with the nut section from Step 14.

Use the Trim command on the Shaping Docker to delete the unneeded parts. Combine (Ctrl+L) everything

Step 18
Wing Nut Bottom view

  1. Get the components shown from your previously drawn objects. Resize everything to 8.00 inches across and align all three objects horizontally centered.
  2. Break everything apart. Delete the objects shown from the nut and reduce the remaining objects to 80 percent of the original size.
  3. Move things around as shown in the top example snapping the bottom into position. Drag the bottom nodes up with the Node Edit Tool.
  4. Trim the dome with the bottom of the cylinder.


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