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Creating Isometric Nut Symbols - page 4
Step 10
Hex, Integrated Washer Bottom view

Go back to the original set. Position the washer as shown and use the trim command on the Shaping Docker to achieve the effect shown. You will need to move the threaded hole up to the center of the washer and delete the extra objects. Combine (Ctrl+L) everything.

Step 11
Square Nut Top view
Create a square 8.00 inches across.
Rotate 45.0 degrees.
Apply a 56.3 percent vertical stretch to convert it to an isometric top view. Convert to curves (Ctrl+Q).

Step 12
Dupe a completed hex nut enlarge 120 percent and Break apart (Ctrl+K). Select the portion shown with the red lines. Combine and center horizontally and position vertically as shown.
Curve the top back edges of the square as shown.
Grab one of the sides of the hex nut and snap it into position as shown. Delete the extra objects from the hex nut.
Use the node edit tool to modify as shown.
Mirror, snap into position dupe and move off to the side and use the shaping Docker to trim as shown. Combine (Ctrl+L) everything.


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