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Creating Isometric Nut Symbols - page 3
Step 07
Hex Nut Safety Wire

Get a dupe of your completed plain hex nut from step 04. Safety wire nuts have holes in them to thread the wire through. Create 0.50-inch circles to represent the holes as shown.
Convert a dupe of one of the holes to an isometric ellipse by applying a 56.3 percent vertical scale with the Transform Docker, rotate 120 degrees and 120 degrees to a duplicate.
Position as shown and combining (Ctrl+L) everything.
Step 08
Hex Nut, Integrated Washer Top view

Get a dupe of your completed plain hex nut from step 04. Reduce the nut to 90 percent of the original size with the Property Bat. Get a copy of a Flat Washer and, if necessary, drag the lower nodes down as shown.
Step 09
Center the objects horizontally. Break apart (Ctrl+K) both objects and then dupe and move off to the side. Position the washer as shown and use the trim command on the Shaping Docker to achieve the effect shown. Combine (Ctrl+L) everything.


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