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Creating Isometric Nut Symbols - page 1
- 4th in the series
Step 01
This tutorial will cover the creation of the following nuts:
  • Hex
  • Hex, Self Locking
  • Hex Safety Wire
  • Hex, Integrated Washer
  • Square
  • Wing

Open the Iso Hardware VL drawing that you worked on last month. Locate and duplicate, and then move off to the side the hex nut primitive.

Step 02
The Hex Nut
Dupe the following: machine screw set, ellipse, and skewed ellipse.
Use the Property bar to resize them to 4.375 inches wide with the lock on.
The machine screw set has been duped to determine the depth of the threads. Use the Straight Line Pencil Tool and your snaps to create a line that measures that depth (my red line measures 0.547). Delete the machine screw set once the depth has been determined.

Step 03

  1. Snap the skewed ellipse into the position shown. Change your Preferences Edit Place Duplicates to the height of your measuring line (-0.547).
  2. Dupe the skewed ellipses to cover the hole.
  3. Intersect the ellipse with the skewed ellipses.


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