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Creating an Isometric Hardware Symbol Library - page 2
Step 04
Creating Machine Screw Threads

Since this symbol set is used at very large scales, we will use a fairly small “Place duplicates” to create the thread spacing. Go to your preferences and set the place duplicated vertical spacing to 1.25 inches.
Press Ctrl+D 9 times to create a base thread set. Duplicate the stack and move off to the side.
Step 05
Go back to the first stack and working from the bottom up use the trim command on the Shaping Docker remove the segments shown by the left stack (top view).
Go to the second stack dupe the top ellipse, resize, re-position and trim as show by the right stack (bottom view).
Step 06
Create the shanks by breaking the nodes at the widest points of the ellipse and extending the lines as shown. Be sure that the completed shapes are closed objects. These will serve as our short thread/short shank versions.


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