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Isometric Symbol Font - Building the Character Set - page 1

Step 01
This is the second in a series of Symbol Font Tutorials. Many important elements were covered in the first installment. I you did not complete that tutorial or cannot locate the files go back.
This symbol font is being designed to provide you with an essential set of tools to use when you are developing an isometric illustration.
When we last left our iso_essentials.cdr file you had completed 3 symbols. This effort will expand the symbol set. One of the great things about building a font is that you can add too and modify it as you go. Open that file.
In the earlier installment I mentioned planning. One of the more obvious planning methods has to do with grouping objects into a series that makes sense. For instance you placed the three possible ellipses consecutively.

Step 02
Our first addition will be a primitive of a cylinder. Turn on Snap to Guidelines.

On page 1 copy (Ctrl+C) the ellipse.

Go to page 4, Symbol #036, and paste the ellipse.

Move it to the bottom of the guidelines, duplicate and move to the top of the guidelines.

Step 03
Use the Node Edit Tool to break the nodes at the major axis of the bottom ellipse. Break apart (Ctrl+K) and delete the top of that ellipse.

Turn on Snap to objects and use the straight-line pencil (F5) tool to add the segments shown. Check the Auto Close button is it grayed out?


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