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Creating the Hardware - page 4

There are three 0.25-inch socket head cap screws on the front derailleur. One is on-axis and the other two are rotated 11 degrees.

  1. Create a circle 0.309 inches in diameter.
  2. Convert to an isometric ellipse by applying a 56.6 percent vertical scale.
    Fill everything with white.
  3. Use the Extrusion tool to apply an extrusion to the ellipse with the following settings: Back parallel, x = 0.00 y=-0.18, VP locked to object and vanishing point relative to object center. Separate, and ungroup.
  4. Duplicate the top face and apply an 85 percent scale. Align vertically to the top and horizontally centered.
  1. Create a hex (6 sides) with the polygon tool that is 0.21-inches high. Rotate 90 degrees and apply a 56.6 percent vertical stretch. Align horizontally and vertically centered.
  2. To create the socket faces: Convert the polygon to curves (Ctrl+Q) an duplicate. Use the node edit tool to delete the extra right nodes, straighten the line segments. Repeat for the left side.
  3. Render as shown.
  1. The completed object will only work for the on-axis screw.
  2. Duplicate and set aside. The off angle socket head cap screws need to open up a bit. The easiest way to accomplish this is to enlarge the vertical scale to 110 percent using the property bar.
  3. The height of the cylinder has now gotten too high. Use the node edit tool to bring the lower nodes up until the height looks right. Group each of the screws.

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