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Creating the Hardware - page 2
Rotate -120 degrees and render as shown. Group together. Assembly to the bike will take place at the end of this tutorial.

The wheel nuts are knurled cylinders caped by a tapered cylinder.

  1. Create four circles of the following diameters: 0.75, 0.62, 0.45, and 0.08.
  2. Create an array of the smallest circles every 20 degrees.
  3. Select all of the smallest circles and combine them (Ctrl+L) and trim using the largest circle.
  4. Convert everything to isometric ellipses by applying a 56.6 percent vertical stretch.
Move the two smaller ellipses up a bit. Fill everything with white. Use the Extrusion tool to apply an extrusion to the objects shown with the following settings: Back parallel, x = 0.00 y=-0.25, VP locked to object and vanishing point relative to object center. Separate, ungroup and adjust the front to back order as shown and the regroup.

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