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Creating the Hardware - page 1

Note: Anytime you need to view a large version of the bike click on the “Big Bike’ icon on the bottom of the following pages.

Although the bike looks pretty good so far we need to add in the hardware. There are 4 distinct pieces we need to create.

  1. The front brake and reflector hex bolts (the rear bolts are hidden).
  2. Wheel end taper nuts.
  3. Front derailleur socket head cap screws.
  4. Crank socket head recessed cap bolt.
It will be easier to work on a new document and then copy everything to the bike document when we are done. The hex bolts have a 3/8-inch diameter. Choose the polygon tool and set it for a six-sided polygon. Click and drag it across the page holding down the constrain key (Ctrl). Use the property bar to adjust the flat (width) diameter to 0.375. From the Transform Docker rotate 90 degrees and apply a 56.6 percent vertical stretch.

Turn on snap to objects. Since bolts are chamfered this will serve as a guide only.

  1. Create a rectangle approximately the width of the bolt’s flat side and 0.086 high. Convert to curves and put a bit of arc on top.
  2. Duplicate the result, snap it over to right. Using the manual stretch and skew commands transform the face to resemble the illustration. When you get very close use the node edit tool to snap everything into place.
  3. Apply a horizontal mirror to a duplicate and snap into place on the left side.
  4. Drag the guide shape to the top of the outside nodes, convert to curves and using the node edit tool put a bit of an arch on the three rear surfaces.
  5. Create a circle 0.319 inches in diameter and convert it to an isometric ellipse by applying a 56.6 percent vertical stretch. Center horizontally and to the top of the guide shape.

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