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Creating the Bikes Reflectors - page 2
Create the front bracket. The material thickness is 0.80. The vertical/back segment is 2 inches long, the horizontal; 1.50 inches and the front vertical segment is 2.50 inches long. Use three rectangles to create those shapes. Weld together.

Convert to an isometric front view by applying the following: Horizontal Stretch 86.6 percent, Vertical Skew 30 degrees.

Rotate -120 degrees. Use the Extrusion tool to apply an extrusion with the following settings: Back parallel, x = 0.00 y=-0.75, VP locked to object and vanishing point relative to object center. Rotate 120 degrees. Separate, ungroup and render as shown and the regroup.

Backing up the front and rear reflectors is an 0.06 inch thick plate that measures 2.25 inches wide by 1.375 inches high. It has rounded corners that correspond to 25 on the property bar. Create that rectangle.

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