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Creating the Bikes Reflectors - page 1

You can view an 800 pixel wide bike to act as reference by clicking on the big bike icon at the bottom of these pages.
Start a new letter size drawing. There are three different reflectors on the bike:

  • The rear reflector is behind the seat, faces the rear and is colored red. An “L” shaped bracket attaches it.
  • The pedal reflectors are on the front and rear (cant’ see these) of the pedals and are amber in color. They are attached directly to the pedals.
  • The front reflector faces the front and is white. A “U” bracket attaches it.
We will begin by creating the rear bracket. The material thickness is 0.80. The vertical segment is 3 inches long and the 45-degree segment is 2.50 inches long. Use two rectangles to create those shapes. Weld together.

Convert to an isometric front view by applying the following: Horizontal Stretch 86.6 percent, Vertical Skew –30 degrees.

Rotate -120 degrees. Use the Extrusion tool to apply an extrusion with the following settings: Back parallel, x = 0.00 y=-0.75, VP locked to object and vanishing point relative to object center. Rotate 120 degrees. Separate, ungroup and render as shown and the regroup.

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