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Welding in CorelDRAW - page 1

Welding can be used to seamlessly join shapes to produce complex isometric objects. In this lesson you will use the weld command to create four common mechanical parts: Fork, Link Arm, Shaft Cap, and Angle. 

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Engineering drawing of a fork.

Draw a vertical rectangle by choosing the Rectangle Tool (F6) and drag watching the status line until the dimensions are about 0.25 inch wide and 1.5 inch high. Using the Transform Roll-Up apply a 90 degree rotation to a duplicate of the rectangle. Stretch this rectangle horizontally a bit and position it so it overlaps the vertical rectangle slightly. Duplicate the horizontal rectangle and move it down using the constrain key (Crtl) until the spacing is about as shown. Combine (Ctrl+L) both horizontal rectangles. Select the horizontal rectangles and then the vertical rectangle and align (Ctrl+A) them vertically centered. Finally weld the objects and fill with white.


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