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Constructing the Front & Rear Derailleur - page 1

We have a lot to do this month creating the front and rear Derailleur. Ill be brief with my instructions because if you have gotten this far you are pretty good at this stuff. 

The rear derailleur moves the chain between the sprockets. The front shuttles the chain back and forth between the chain wheels.

You should continue working on the new page and not the one with the rendered bike on it. You will create the rear derailleur first. Begin by going to the bike page and copying the smallest sprocket at the rear of the bike. Go to the work page and paste the sprocket. Move this sprocket to the lower left corner of the page.
Zoom in on the lower left corner and create a rectangle 3.325inches high by 0.50 inches wide. Use the Property Bar to correct the size. Create a guide circle 3.325 inches in diameter. Use the property bar to center both at x - 0.00, y 0.00.


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