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Creating the Bicycle Chain - page 5

This is your last opportunity to easily fix things. Carefully review the links and make sure everything looks good.
Marquee select the chain wheels, sprockets and links and group them. If you have Tech Drawing Tools, create an Isometric front of theses objects. If you dont have the tools apply the following with the Transform Docker: Horizontal stretch 86.6 percent, Vertical skew 30.00 degrees.
Apply a 120-degree rotation to the group. Prior to going on to the next step I should explain that we will be taking a fairly low level approach to these objects from here on. The reason for that is that this whole project is quite large and demanding on your system resources. Hopefully the results we achieve wont leave a smoking black hole where your computer sits. If you feel that you have the resources, take a higher level approach - knock your selves out and extrude and properly render everything. Id love to see the results.


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