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Creating the Bicycle Chain - page 2
Duplicate the circles and move the dupes to y 0.00 and x 0.441.
To connect the large circles we need to create a rectangle 0.441 wide and 0.187 high. Use the property bar to correct the dimension. Convert the rectangle to curves (Ctrl+Q) and use the Node Edit tool (F10) to marquee select all four nodes and add nodes with the property bar. Use the property bar to move the rectangle to y 0.00 and x 0.221.
  1. Select in turn the top outside nodes with the Node Edit tool (F10) and nudge them up 6 times (Nudge set at 0.01 inches).
  2. Convert the object to curved lines and smooth the center horizontal nodes.
  3. Use the property bar to correct the objects size to y 0.297 and x 0.344.
  4. Activate the Shaping Docker and weld the two large circles with the bow tie shaped object.
  5. With the Node Edit tool marquee select all of the nodes and smooth them. Marquee select the small circles and the outside shape, fill with 30 percent gray and group them (Ctrl=G).


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