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Rendering the Isometric Bicycle Frame - page 1

Last month we completed the basic structure of the bike. Now it's time to add some color. I’ll be using a black/purple/magenta/white color scheme for my bike. Feel free to substitute any color combination you prefer.

The more or less straight tubes can be rendered using the Fountain Fill tool (F11) in CorelDRAW. Begin with the Seat Tube. Apply a Fountain Fill (F11) with the following settings:

Linear, Angle = 11 degrees, Edge Pad 42, Custom,
Position 0 – C0, M0, Y0, K100;
Position 25 – C20, M80, Y0, K20;
Position 60 – C0, M100, Y0, K0;
Position 75 – C20, M80, Y0, K20;
Position 100 – C0, M0, Y0, K100.

Select the tube top and apply a magenta fill.

Select the Bottom Bracket Shell and separate the extrude group and ungroup if necessary. Reselect the Seat Tube and the Fountain Fill Tool (F11) and click OK. Pick up the Bottom Bracket Shell and press repeat (Ctrl+R). Change the settings to: Angle 120 degrees, Edge Pad 30. Render the end by applying another repeat (Ctrl+R) and then change the (F11) settings to Conical, Angle 0.0 and the Position 60 fill to – C0, M0, Y0, K100.


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