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Completing the Bicycle Frame in Isometric - page 8
Connect the dots and add a segment from each end, extending straight down as shown by the blue line. Select each of the original segments (not the vertical ends) and change them to a curved line. Marquee select all of the segments and smooth them. The result is shown by the red line.
Delete the plot points. Delete both of the vertical segments with the node Edit Tool. Use the Transform Docker to apply a vertical mirror to a duplicate of the original shape. With Snap to objects turned on snap the two halves together, Combine them and join the nodes. Fill with white and horizontally mirror the seat.
Use the IsoTools Add-in (Download if necessary from our Home Page) to apply an Isometric Front effect to the seat top. By applying a - 120 degree rotation and a horizontal mirror, from the Transform Docker, to the result you will have a top view.


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