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Completing the Bicycle Frame in Isometric - page 6

The depths for the handlebar tubes are as follows: 100 percent = 1.75 inches, 90 percent = 2.50 inches, 120 percent = 4.75 inches, 130 percent = 0.25 inches.

Use the Extrude tool to apply extrusions to each ellipse that conform to the following settings.

Back Parallel, X = 0.000, Y = The depth required for that cylinder as a number, VP Locked to Object, Vanishing point relative to object center. Fill all of the cylinders with white.

Stack the 90 percent tube above the 100 percent tube. Duplicate this tube and move it below the 100 percent tube and send it to the back. Dupe the top and bottom tubes one more time and stack them above and below the originals and adjust the front to back order as necessary.
The last two tubes are for the handle grips. Stack them, position and adjust the front to back order to agree with this illustration. Select all of the tubes and align horizontally centered.


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