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Completing the Bicycle Frame in Isometric - page 4
Since this cylinder stack is rotated back the ellipse will be less than the 35 degrees 16 minutes normally used for an isometric ellipse. Transform the four circles you created into 30 degree ellipses by applying a 50 percent vertical stretch to them using either the Property Bar or Transform Docker.
Use the Extrude tool to apply extrusions to each ellipse that conform to the following settings.
Back Parallel, X = 0.000, Y = The depth required for that cylinder as a value, VP Locked to Object, Vanishing point relative to object center.
Number 1 - 1.8 inches diameter 0.562 inches high
Number 2 - 1.54 inches wide 4.78 inches high
Number 3 Duplicate Number 1
Number 4 - 1.54 inches wide 0.562 inches high
Number 5 - 1.29 inches wide 0.562 inches high
Number 6 1.03 inches wide 3.089 inches high
Fill all of the cylinders with white.
Stack the cylinders as shown, correct the front to back order and then marquee select all of them and align horizontally centered. Finally apply a rotation of 12 degrees.


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