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Completing the Bicycle Frame in Isometric - page 3
Since we will need the fork as two separate objects to get the front to back order correct this completes the fork. Pick them up together, move to the drawing layer, fill with white and drag them into position. Snap the top rear point to the corresponding point on the trace layer. Delete the trace layer object. Send the right side of the fork to the back.
The Handlebar stem has a series of cylinders measuring (from the bottom):
Number 1 - 1.8 inches diameter 0.562 inches high
Number 2 - 1.54 inches wide 4.78 inches high
Number 3 - Repeats Number 1
Number 4 - 1.54 inches wide 0.562 inches high
Number 5 - 1.29 inches wide 0.562 inches high
Number 6 1.03 inches wide 3.089 inches high
Create circles with the following diameters: 1.8 inches, 1.54 inches, 1.29 inches and 1.03 inches using the ellipse tool, the constrain key (Ctrl) and the Property Bar.


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