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Isometric Construction of the Bike Frame - page 6
Use the Node Edit Tool to curve and smooth the top. Dupe the tube and break the nodes at the sides. Delete the broken side. Apply a horizontal and vertical mirror to a duplicate of the curve and snap it back together. Join the nodes and fill with white to form the top ellipse. Use the Node Edit Tool to curve and adjust the bottom of the tube as shown by the green tube.
Copy the Seat Post to the drawing layer. Snap a line across the top of the Seat Tube. To correct for the isometric/major axis discrepancy stretch this line by 120 percent using the Transform Docker. Convert the Seat Tube Rectangle to a curve (Ctrl+Q). Use the Node Edit Tool to move the outside left top and bottom nodes out to the left end of the line. Repeat for the right. Use the Node Edit Tool to curve and smooth the bottom.
The Down Tube is the correct dimension because it not on the isometric axis. Copy it to the drawing layer and convert it to curves. Fill with white and use the Node Edit Tool to convert the bottom segment to a curve. Edit as shown.


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