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Isometric Construction of the Bike Frame - page 2
Rotate the Bottom Bracket Shell back 120 degrees. Position is centered on the Trace layer ellipse as shown.
Duplicate the lower rear fork and the original Bottom Bracket Shell ellipse and move off to the side. This fork is separated by 5 inches at the rear, 3 inches at 4 inches from the Bottom Bracket Shell and 1 inch at the shell. Draw plot lines that reflect those dimensions and snap them into place as shown.
Connect the points for each fork. Convert the front segments to curves and smooth them.  Apply a contour with the following settings: Outside, 1 step, and 0.5 inch offset to each line. This will result in cylindrical objects that would be about 7/8 inches in diameter. This works because the Major Axis is 120 percent larger than the Isometric Axis


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