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Isometric Construction of the Bike Frame - page 1

In this session we will begin the construction of the bike frame

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Before we can begin there are a couple of things left undone from our last effort. Group (Ctrl+G) the wheel and tire elements together and snap them to the master on the Trace Layer. If you switch to wire frame view you should find an ellipse in the center of the axle that we left there for positioning. Turn on Snap to Objects and snap that ellipse into position. Start with the rear wheel and then duplicate (Ctrl+D) and repeat with the front wheel.
With snap to objects still on draw a straight line from the outside of 1 of the rear wheel hubs to the outside of the other. I came up with 3.8 inches. Delete the line. To create the Bottom Bracket Shell (where the pedals attach) copy the trace layer ellipse for it to the drawing layer and fill with white. (TDT users apply a front extrude of 3.80 inches) Rotate it 120 degrees so it is vertical and apply an Extrude with the following settings: Same size back, x dimension = 0.0, y dimension = 3.8, VP Locked to object, Vanishing point relative to object center.


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