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Rendering the Wheel - page 2
Select the end hub and repeat (Ctrl+R) the fill. The edge pad is wrong again. Get the Fountain Fill tool (F11) and reset the edge pad to 15.
Select the axle faces and get the Fountain Fill tool (F11) and apply the following: Conical, Angle 60 degrees, Horizontal Offset 5 percent, Vertical Offset 3 percent, From color C-12, M-3, Y-0, K-40, To Color C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-0. Repeat for the end hub face.
Use the Edit find objects to find all of the orange spokes by selecting the following: Edit, Find and Replace, Find Objects, Begin New Search, Next, Fills, Uniform Color, Next, Specify Uniform Color, Select the orange fill, Finish, Find all and apply a uniform fill of C-12, M-3, Y-0, K-40. Note the outlines have been removed in the example shown here.


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