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Rendering the Wheel - page 1

Ill give instructions to render this wheel to a moderate level. Should you wish to take it further please feel free. Remember use artistic license. It makes no sense to render something at a very high level, in great detail if it will be too small to reproduce.

Select the axle and get the Fountain Fill tool (F11) to apply the following: Linear, Angle 60 degrees, Edge Pad 38 percent, Custom, Position 0 C-12, M-3, Y-0, K-40, Position 35 C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-0, Position 100 C-12, M-4, Y-0, K-70.
Shift click select the larger hubs and repeat (Ctrl+R) the fill. The edge pad is wrong. Get the Fountain Fill tool (F11) and reset the edge pad to 0.


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