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Isometric Bike Wheel - page 4
Double click on the combined spokes and move the rotation point to the center of the large circle. This is made easier if you create a tiny circle and center it with the align command. Use the Transform Roll-up to apply a 40 degree rotation to duplicates 8 times. Select each of these and apply an orange fill and combine. These will serve as the spokes for the far side of the wheel.
Use the Transform Roll-up to apply a 10 degree rotation to a duplicate of the orange set. Fill the dupe with a light blue.
To make everything isometric - marquee select the collection of ellipses and spokes and use the Property Bar to apply a 57.4 percent vertical scale. Make sure the little lock is open or the transform will be proportional. Duplicate the three smallest ellipses (Center Hub, Axle & Axle Hole) and move off to the side.


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