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Isometric Bike Wheel - page 3
Marquee select everything and deselect the outside circle and apply a rotation of 60 degrees twice to duplicates to complete the outer guide.
Create the following rectangles: 0.1 wide (x) by 0.5 high (y), 0.06 wide (x) by 9.79 high (y). Snap the tall thin rectangle to the bottom of the shorter one and align horizontally centered. Group the two together and snap the top center of the group to the center of the top center blue circle.
Double click on the group to get rotation handles. Move the rotation point to the top center and apply a 355.5 degree rotation. Duplicate the group of spokes and move the top to the red position (clockwise). Apply a 344.5 degree rotation. This completes a master spoke set for one side. Select both groups, ungroup all and combine.


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