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Constructing the Bicycle - page 6
To represent the Handlebar, create a circle with the Ellipse Tool/Property Bar/Constrain (Ctrl) combination that has a diameter of 1.375". Fill with white and pick up the Handlebar near the center and snap it into position over the forward center of the extension.
Drawing a rectangle 11.00" long by 3.00" high can create the seat. Watch the Status Line or Property Bar and come as close as possible without resizing because you will be rounding the rectangle next and any adjustments distort the rounding. Round the rectangle as shown (about 80). Create a rectangle 4.75" long by 2.25 inches high and snap it to the bottom node of the top/right rounded corner. Nudge this rectangle left 0.05" and down 0.05".
  1. Trim the smaller rectangle from the seat and then delete the smaller rectangle.
  2. Select the lower node with the Node Edit Tool and drag it left about 2.50" using the constrain key (Ctrl).
  3. Select the slanted section, curve and smooth it.
  4. Select the upper node and drag it right about 1.00" using the constrain key (Ctrl). Select the bottom left node and drag it right about 2.40" using the constrain key (Ctrl).
  5. Select the node above that and drag it up about 0.50" using the constrain key (Ctrl).


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