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Constructing the Bicycle - page 2
The pedal/gear hub is called the Bottom Bracket Shell and has a chain-wheel gear diameter of 8.00", and outside hub diameter of 1.50" and an internal axle diameter of 0.50". Use the ellipse tool/property bar/duplicate process you used for the wheel. Group the circles together and position them at x = 29.50", y = 11.75".
The main vertical tube (Seat Tube) is 16.75" high (y) by 1.25" wide. The Seat Post is 3.00" high by 1.125" wide. Use the Rectangle Tool/Property Bar to create both objects. Turn on Snap to Objects and snap the seat tube to the top of the vertical tube. Select both tubes and horizontally center them. Finally group and rotate both tubes 14.5 degrees using the Property Bar.
Pick up the vertical tubes by a point near the center of the bottom line. There is an invisible snap point there. Move the that point of the group over the center of the pedal/gear hub. You may need to zoom in very close here. At some point the tube group will snap into place on the center of the pedal/gear hub.


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