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c47-2.jpg (39170 bytes)Installing the Wings & Building the Engine Nacelles
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Here we go - the final installment of creating a Gooney Bird. Previous tutorials have built the: tail, fuselage, rudder, stabilizers, nose and wings. All that is left is installing the wing and building the engines.
The original engines were two 14 cylinder Twin Wasp, two-row radial piston, supercharged Pratt and Whitney R-1830’s generating 1,200-hp. The propellers were Hamilton Standard 3-bladed, hydromatic, quick feathering, constant speed control props measuring 11 feet, 7 inches.
step01.jpg (19162 bytes) Before we can draw the engines we need to install the wings. Find the center wing rib by counting the ribs on the flat portion of the wing and dividing by 2. Create reference lines as shown by the red tee. Group all of the wing sections together.
step02.jpg (25360 bytes) The wing installs at Butt Line 0.0, Station 195.00 and on the center stringer. I have drawn a blue reference line to indicate the install point. Move the wing group into position. Send the whole wing to the back (Ctrl+Page Down). We are now ready to create the engines.


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