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The Douglas Skytrain’s Nose
The prerequisite for this month’s effort is both the March and April exercises. The fuselage is almost complete. You need to create 8 more ribs and the associated stringers. The end of this tutorial will be to create the Vertical Stabilizer/Rudder and the Horizontal Stabilizers.

step01.jpg (8341 bytes) Create a master ellipse about 2 inches high and wide and convert to curves. Duplicate and use the property bar to create the following ellipses that will represent the ribs at:
Station 136.50 is 95 inches wide by 114 inches high. Our scale 1.9 inches wide, 2.28 high.
Station 117.375 is 95 inches wide by 110 inches high. Our scale 1.9 inches wide, 2.20 high.
Station 86.00 is 95 inches wide by 105 inches high. Our scale 1.9 inches wide, 2.10 high. This Station is the aft wall of the Pilotís Compartment.
Station 63.50 is 90 inches wide by 96 inches high. Our scale 1.8 inches wide, 1.92 high.
Station 49.125 is 83 inches wide by 83 inches high. Our scale 1.66 inches wide, 1.66high.
Station 40.00 is 63 inches wide by 63 inches high. Our scale 1.26 inches wide, 1.26 high.
Station 20.00 is 52 inches wide by 52 inches high. Our scale 1.04 inches wide, 1.04 high. This Station is the aft wall of the nose cone.
step02.jpg (9257 bytes) The Station 136.50 rib is 3.50 inches wide. Duplicate the rib and use the Property to subtract the width (0.14 at our scale). Group, use the IsoEval or Isometric Menu to apply a front effect and fill with white. This rib sits centered on the same 165.00 Waterline we have been using throughout so go ahead and position it now. Ungroup and combine before moving on to the next step.


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