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The Gooney Bird, Locating complex structures in space.
The prerequisite for this tutorial is March 1999. We will continue to explore the use of Station, Water and Butt lines in locating and drawing objects with this tutorial. Since we now have the locating grid established, the drawing will move along quickly. This month will involve the creation of ribs and stringers up to station 411.5 and fuselage skin up to station 156.5.

step01.jpg (6654 bytes) The last rib created was an 80.00 inch circle or 1.6 inches at our scale. The next sections of the fuselage will transition from circular ribs to elliptical ribs. The rib at station 411.5 is 95.00 inches wide by 116.00 inches high or 1.9 wide inches by 2.32 high inches. Create a circle that is 1.6 inches in diameter. Convert the results to curves (Ctrl+Q) and use the Node Edit Tool and Roll-up to add nodes (Plus sign) twice for a total of 16 nodes. Duplicate the circle and change the dimensions to 1.9 wide inches by 2.32 high inches.
step02.jpg (9471 bytes) There are 11 ribs between the two you just created and the Blend function can be used to create them. Move the ribs far enough apart to accommodate the new 11 ribs. Select both shapes and from the Effects Roll-up choose Blend and 11 steps then Apply. Separate and ungroup the result. Change the spacing as needed to keep everything in the clear. The 1.6 inch circle has served its purpose and can be deleted.


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