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Rendering Complex Objects - page 1

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Last month we constructed a cell phone using all closed shapes. Rendering this illustration will involve a unique rendering technique as well as the standard blends and radial fills. Back in the airbrush rendering days illustrators used a full range of colors. In fact they usually rendered their work hotter (more contrast) than would exist in life. The reason was that once the art was photographed or screened it would gain a bit of a dot in white (around 5%) and black would not be complete (anywhere from 5% to 10%). When rendering on the computer those considerations no longer apply. You must be judicious in the use of both black and white or the result will look unnatural.

Get the phone we created last month. We will begin with the antenna. Select the entire phone and ungroup all. Marquee select the antenna and apply a linear radial fill (F11) with the following settings: Custom, Position 0 C=5, M=2, Y=0, K=95; Position 66 C=3, M=1, Y=0, K=15; Position 100 C=5, M=2, Y=0, K=70. Oh Oh what’s wrong? When we created these objects we used a complex curve (cylinders). They must be broken apart before we correct the rendering. Select each cylinder in turn and break apart (Ctrl+K). Click off and then shift click select each of the top faces (4) and apply the following: Radial fill, Center, Offset 10 horizontal and 10 vertical, Custom, Position 0 C=5, M=2, Y=0, K=95; Position 66 C=5, M=2, Y=0, K=40; Position 100 C=3, M=1, Y=0, K=10.
Select the three inside (thinner) cylinders and add 10 black to each position. Position 0 becomes C=5, M=2, Y=0, K=100. There are two of the larger cylinders that are the same diameter as those adjacent to them and you will need to repeat the darkening you just did so they can be differentiated. Shift click select them and apply a repeat (Ctrl+R). Finally remove the outline effect by marquee selecting the antenna parts and applying X. Complete the antenna by selecting all of the parts and grouping (Ctrl+G) them.


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