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Drawing the Ultimate Cell Phone - page 1

This lesson requires the Iso Eval FREE Download. Get it now by clicking on your version number: CorelDRAW 7.0, CorelDRAW 8.0, CorelDRAW 9.0

Before continuing:
This will begin a two month lesson. In the first this part you will create a cell phone with rounded corners and soft lines. Next month will be devoted to rendering the phone using some unusual techniques. Since the next lesson will be rendered it is important to create the objects in the correct front-to-back order. Obviously most objects will be closed shapes. CorelDRAW 7.0 or 8.0 will be used and you must download IsoEval if you donít already have it for your version of CorelDRAW.
Engineering drawing of a cell phone
Create a rectangle 2.25ches wide by 6.375hes high by selecting the rectangle tool and dragging across the screen. The Property Bar can be used for minor corrections only since the corners will need to be rounded and corrections done with the Property Bar distort the result. Next apply a 37 roundness to the corners using the Property Bar.


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