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This lesson requires the Iso Eval FREE Download. Get it now by clicking on your version number: CorelDRAW 7.0, CorelDRAW 8.0, CorelDRAW 9.0

A magazine article contained an elegant description of producing isometric drawings in CorelDRAW. The process brought to mind my college text on technical drawing. That text was published when Broadway was a prairie and ellipses were constructed with French curves. After 17 steps you are ready to render.
If you are to be effective producing technical illustrations you need to understand the quickest and easiest methods to achieve the desired results. Your time should be valuable to you and the folks who are paying for your illustrations. The purpose of this tutorial is to improve your productivity.

The CAD drawing shown here is similar to the example in the article. To create this or any other object efficiently you should reduce it to simple "primitives" that can be then be modified to produce the desired results.
Create the following shapes:
1" x 1" square by choosing the rectangle tool, hold down the constrain key (Ctrl) and while watching the status line drag across the screen. If you have version 7 or above of CorelDRAW use the Property Bar to correct the square. You can also use the Property Bar to create the other rectangular shapes from duplicates of the original. This feature could be the most important reason to upgrade.
0.375" x 0.375" square.
1" x 1.75" rectangle.
0.375 x .75 rectangle.
0.25 circle.
Turn on Snap to Objects and position as shown duplicating the 0.375" x 0.375" square. Use the Align (Ctrl+A) command to center the circle vertically and horizontally.


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