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Working Efficiently with Iso Eval
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This lesson requires the Iso Eval FREE Download. Get it now by clicking on your version number:
CorelDRAW 7.0, CorelDRAW 8.0, CorelDRAW 9.0
Up to now this site has explored drawing techniques that involve the application of a series of transformations to create isometric views. You can accomplish amazing results but the method is inherently inefficient. While our Tech Drawing Tools add-in software may not be for everyone, small parts of it are essential to effectively produce isometric illustrations. Therefore I am providing a free add-in that will make the production of illustrations much more effective. 
Before continuing if you don't own Isometric Tools or Tech Drawing Tools download and activate the free Iso Eval.
This lesson will explore using the tools and symbol library provided with IsoEval. The first tool is the ellipse tool. Create a circle about 2 inches in diameter. After IsoEval was activated you noticed a new menu item IsoEval. Go to that menu item and select Ellipse. When the dialog comes up - click on Apply. Users of Tech Drawing Tools simply choose the command and ignore the Apply dialog statements.
This tool will work with other objects as well. Choose the rectangle tool and draw square of about 2 inches. Choose the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+E and click on Apply. Obviously that did not work. If you were to rotate the square 45 degrees then the tool will work. Undo (Ctrl+Z) and try it now. Rotate 45 degrees with the Transform Roll-up then Ctrl+Alt+E and click on Apply.


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